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DELUXE Toiletry Pouch
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* Alay’s Deluxe Toiletry Pouch main zippered compartment opens wide to store everything you need for a night away or a week on the road. * Extra inside zippered pocket for storage.* Easily access main compartment with wide mouth opening*...


Toiletry Bags

COVID-19 has made people more conscious of hygiene. Not only the products but the storage is very important. Many products in the market offer hygiene products but they often lack in a few departments. They can offer high-end packaging but how can you safely store them? With our Toiletry Bag in Pakistan of course!
Toiletry bags are the most convenient way to store these products. There are many places which are offering toiletry bags. But what makes Alay the best store online? Our top-notch quality and design! Undoubtedly, we are Pakistan’s leading company that offers the best quality toiletry bags online in Pakistan.

Hanging Toiletry Bags:

The bags here are for multiple purposes. Made of 100% polyester that keeps things safe for a longer period. We serve everyone with our:
1. toiletry bags for Men
2. toiletry bags for women

Similarly, we have unisex bags and can be used for storing any fragile product in it. Bags are waterproof and they are specially made to make life easier. Our customer service department is super-efficient and fast. Apart from national holidays and vacations, we provide delivery service all year. With minimum charges, we provide the best quality product at your doorstep. We are the brand you can rely on!

Toiletry kit:

The world has become so fond of travelling and fancy accessories. These kits are waterproof and convenient to use. In travelling each product should be pack safely. We provide the best products for travel purposes. We provide the chic toiletry pouch in the market. The stylish design of travel toiletry kits makes you stand out in the crowd. Eccentric yet comfortable designs can help you to do your daily chores easily. We know how to make Gen Z happy. So, the perfect balance of quality and design is available here at Alay.