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About Alay

Living life in the fast lane requires one to be ready to go at all times. The more complex and competitive this world gets, the more the need to snip and simplify our dynamics. The advent of Athleisure Brands has changed the perspective of lifestyle in the world of clothing and fashion. Alay is the most innovative and fastest growing athleisure brand in Pakistan. We realize that our clients lead a healthy and active lifestyle which is not confined to the gym, or the venue/ground for any specific sport for that matter. Our clothes and accessories are an extension of the personality of our clients, and they carry these with them into their daily life. Hence the need for quality, comfort, style, and of course diversity!

Alay is totally committed to operating within the SDGs provided by the UN and invests a major chunk of resources into the research and development of Premium Quality, Eco-Friendly Products. However, being a “Considerate,” brand we still price our Premium Goods so that they remain within reach of our consumers! The company prides itself on the wide variety of clothing items and accessories it offers, and is committed to giving a new meaning to the term “Athleisure Wear,” in the Pakistani Market. We plan to introduce classy, comfortable, innovative and premium quality apparel and accessories for all thinkable sports and/or activities. Of course, the leisure element will be part and parcel of all our designs so that our buyers are not limited to a specific arena by choosing Alay. So, brace yourself, stay tuned, enjoy our varied collection, and always be prepared for pleasant surprises coming your way!