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Adjustable Wrist Wraps: Extra-long wrist support strap keeps the gloves firmly in place while supporting the wrists during those heavy lifts, protect your wrist from spraining.  Ideal for Weight Lifting, Pull Up, Powerlifting, Gymnastics, Kettle Bell, Barbell, Muscle Up Rings,...



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Polyester 85% and Spandex 15% Silicon printing on the palm to avoid slippage and enhance grip Comes in a pair



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Polyester 38%, Synthetic Leather 46%, LD PE Foam 16% PU foam padded palm for comfort and protection Synthetic leather palm to avoid slippage and enhance grip Breathable air mesh on the back Comes in a pair



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No more ugly scars on your palm! Alay’s Warrior Gripper gloves are made to give you’re the added grip to life those heavy weights at the gym.


Gym Gloves

Many people miss percept gym gloves equivalent to regular customary gloves. However, this is not the case. Gym gloves in Pakistan are specially designed to target areas, which are more prone to calluses during the workout. Depending upon the type of protection one may require, gym gloves differ greatly. Some brands offer designs that protect the palm against casualties. However, others come with a feature to protect knuckles alone. How about a gym glove, which provides dual protection?  Yes, you have heard it right! Alay deals in high-end gym essentials in Pakistan. If you are looking for gym gloves with wrist support, Alay is going to be your favorite brand for all types of gym essentials in Pakistan. Alay deals in gym gloves for women and men as well. We know what you might be thinking! Why wear gloves in the first place? If wearing gloves is necessary while doing precautionary work, so is with the gym! Many experts state that wearing gym gloves not only helps in lifting but provides extra comfort and protection.

Weight Lifting Gloves

As much as proper gym attire is essential similarly, the importance of gloves cannot be undermined. Thus, based on their undeniable importance, Alay offers multiple types of protective gym gloves. Weight lifting gloves is one the most loved type among gym freaks. Depending on the type of usage, there are several types of gloves available in Pakistan. However, when it comes to the best and durable gloves, Alay is one of the best brands in Pakistan for the reliable quality of gloves in Pakistan.  If you are a trainer, you are probably well aware of sweaty hands and injuries and how much that impact you. Thus to counter all such things, Alay offers weight lifting gloves with wrist support, thus improving your focus and weight lifting capacity.  Despite knowing the numerous pros, finding the right place to shop women's weight-lifting gloves remains an important concern. Let me tell you, Alay offer handy and comfortable gym gloves for both men and women. Head up the website to know more about them!

Workout Gloves

There are a lot of people who believe that workout gloves make no difference. Instead, they think that gym workout gloves do more harm than good. However, this is not the case.  When it comes to workout gloves, they differ from other types of gloves available in Pakistan. Workout gloves are more versatile and thus serve support for every kind of workout. Alay offers special workout gloves with wrist support, which protect the palm and turn out to be excellent support for weak wrists.  Who wants blockades during a workout? Definitely no one. Therefore to foster the growth of all the gym freaks out there, Alay has in store the most affordable and comfortable ladies workout gloves. Do you know what makes Alay a favorite choice for workout gloves in Pakistan? It's mainly because their gloves offer improved grip. Moreover, these workout gloves assist in managing workouts without risking injuries.

Fitness Gloves

Sweat is an integral part of the training and workout process. It's simply unavoidable. Though it's considered a good sign of burning during a workout, some people are on their hands. It is certainly not good if you have to train really hard and lift the heaviest of the weights! Thus, to counter all such nuisances, Alay has developed unisex training gloves in Pakistan. We know what you might be thinking? Why prefer gloves when you can simple wipe sweat off!. Amidst heavy weight lifting, the weight may slip down to your face, foot, or anywhere else, thus causing you great injuries. Therefore, fitness gloves a basic necessity and an integral part of training. Though training without them is a subjective choice, using fitness gloves offers a significant amount of protection. Are you looking for women's fitness gloves? Alay has some amazing aesthetic styles of fitness gloves that not only provide practical advantages but add style to the overall appearance as well.